Classes at MGW are informal groups of six, but not more than eight people. Every student picks their own project from a variety of available patterns. Beginning classes are for projects of 20 pieces or less, providing the opportunity to work through all the steps involved creating a one of a kind stained glass project. Those moving on to regular classes again choose their own projects, from available patterns or from their own designs.

Looking for a specific piece? One of your own design? Need that special “something” that wasn’t included in the remodeling budget?

We offer regular classes as an opportunity for participants to create that special project! An instructor is available to assist you in design, selection and creation of the stained glass panel you need! Workspace, tools and equipment are included in class fees, and storage is available for current projects.

Choose from these available sessions and class times….each session is a mix of beginners, intermediate and advanced participants…with no two projects alike!

Beginning Classes

$17.50 per class (4/$70.00) or Prepaid (4/$60.00). Projects longer than 4 weeks are $10.00 per each additional class

  • Meet once per week for four weeks. Projects must have limited pieces – approximately 10″ x 16″ (larger projects will be charged for additional supplies.)
  • includes
    • pattern
    • all miscellaneous supplies
    • use of tools
    • table time.
  • Glass, Foil, Solder is student’s expense.
    • Approximately $8.00 – $12.00 for glass purchased first visit
    • $3.00 – $5.00 for foil – purchased when needed
    • $3.00 – $5.00 for solder – purchased when needed
  • $17.50 per class (4/$70.00) or Prepaid (4/$60.00). Projects longer than 4 weeks are $10.00 per each additional class

Regular Classes: $12.50 per class (4/$50.00) Prepaid (4/$40.00)

  • Instructor Available For Occasional Assistance
  • Use of tools and table time.
  • All supplies – students expense.
  • Classes must have three or more participants
  • Other times may be considered at your suggestion.

Summer Suncatchers

By Appointment

to cut glass, foil and
solder or create your
suncatcher with precut
bevels. Class takes
approximately 4 hours
– take your completed
project home with you.

  • Must be
    12 years old
  • Have a group? Call
    to schedule a private

(Includes a half hour lunch on your own) Pre-registered only $30.00 * Includes supplies LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE

“Scrunched” Classes

Are you on vacation? Visiting the Alpena area? Have a couple of days to learn something new?

Beginning stained glass
classes at My Glass Wings
are set up for five consecutive
visits. A class time
is chosen and participants
attend once a week for
five weeks.

Scrunch Classes are scheduled within the
regular class times. The “scrunch” is doing
four or five classes in one or two weeks.
Participants may attend two classes a day
for two days or one class a day for five
days over a two week period. We adhere
to the class schedule, currently designed
to allow time for meals and breaks.

This is a great way to squeeze stained
glass classes into a short period of time.
Beginning classes cover all the steps involved
to create your own masterpiece and once
complete, a participant knows all the basics!

Create a class

Interested in scheduling a special one time workshop for three or more people?
Are you a group looking for a regular weekly activity?
Need to find an activity for visitors or weekend family events?
Bridesmaids, girls night out, doubles date night with your significant others?

Projects and sessions are easy to design and
schedule, tailored to the needs of your group.

Call (989) 358-9464 to explore the possible
options and book your session(s)!